Officially Registered in Gunma Excellence Facility

We are delighted to introduce Asama Kuzanbo has been chosen and registered once again this year 2024 as a “Gunma Excellence Facility,” recognized for offering stress-free stay for foreign tourists.

Thanks to this distinction, we have welcomed many guests from abroad, who have shared gratifying feedback such as, “It was amazing stay with the magnificent view. We will definitely return again to this amaizing place.”🏔✨

Here is a link to the Tourist Guide website by the Gunma Prefectural Government – Tourism Value Creation Division:

If you scroll down to the lower portion of the website, you could find attractive Tourist spots e.g, Onsen, Nature Parks, Waterfall, etc, around Asama Kuzanbo Villa Resort.

We will continue our efforts to make Japan and Gunma enjoyable for a wider guests and look forward to your continued support.

Modern Luxury Resort Asama Kuzanbo