Experience the rich nature of four seasons at ASAMA KUZANBO


In Kita-Karuizawa, which is surrounded by untouched nature and is higher altitude than central Karuizawa area, you can see a sky with full of stars that you cannot see in bustle of the city. With any luck, shooting stars dashed through the sky and the Milky Way can be seen. Enjoy the panorama view of the starry sky at night.

Venue|Around the villa area or from villa private wood deck
Season|All year round. Winter is the best season as air is the clearest.

“Unkai” Sea of Clouds

When you wake up at dawn, the foot of Mt. Asama is covered with a magically beautiful sea of clouds spreads out before you. Please enjoy the fantastic view that appears only in the early morning when the weather conditions are perfect.

Venue|Tenku Nature Walk or villa private wood deck
Season|All year round in the early morning. Spring and autumn, especially after rains are higher chance to see.

Dog Run

Dog runs covered with wood chips that are gentle to paws so that your dogs can enjoy running with ease. Private dog run is located next to each Polaris villa, and Sirius Cassiopeia Villas have a spacious shared dog run where you can run around freely.

Venue|Villa area
Season|All year round except for bad weather.

Kids Playground

An outdoor playground with wood chips that is safe and fun for small children. Broaden your imagination and run around freely on the spacious field with appreciating magnificent nature of Mt. Asama.

Venue| In front of Tenku Spa & Dining
Season|All year round except for bad weather
*Please keep an eye on your children.

Tenku Nature Walk

At our Tenku Nature Walks, you can enjoy the magnificent view of Mt. Asama. This promenade is surrounded by untouched nature, retreat yourself with the 360° view of the trees stretching straight toward the sky, the mountain peaks, and overlooking the villas. It is also a dog-friendly hiking trail.

Time|10 minutes on foot
Seasons|All year around (excluding night time and snowy season)
*Driving a villa cart is strictly prohibited.

Electric Cart

During your stay, you can comfortably tour the area on a complementally electric cart in each villa. You can easily climb up to the steep road and have a easier access to the Lounge, Tenku Spa & Restaurant.

Capacity |4 or 8 people
Number of carts|1 unit per villa
Rental Season |Summer - April to November

Tuk Tuk Ride

Why don't you experience riding on a tuk-tuk (electric three-wheeled vehicle) in the area? With its stylish form, tuk tuk does not emit greenhouse gases and is friendly to nature.

Capacity|2 people
Season|Summer - April to November
Booking|Please ask the staff upon arrival
*Tuk tuk ride area is limited to the facility area, not for public road

Luxury EV Rental car

ASAMA KUZANBO is surrounded by various beautiful driving routes such as Tsumagoi Panorama Line つまごいパノラマライン with cabbage fields and Japan Romantic Road日本ロマンチック街道. Experience the quiet yet powerful SUV that only a luxury EV can offer, and fully indulge the nature of the Kita-Karuizawa北軽井沢, Tsumagoi嬬恋, and Kusatsu草津 areas.
View our Recommended Drive Route

Period|Summer - May to November, Mon/Thu/Sat
Car model|Audi e-tron Sportback 55 quattro S line or Mercedes-Benz EQC400 4MATIC
Booking|Reservation required in advance. Please select the EV rental car package when you book a stay online

“Hanabi” Handheld Fireworks

After the barbecue, how about playing with Japanese summer traditions, handheld fireworks under the starry sky? It will become your memories of your summer trip.

Price: 2,000 yen per set (3-4 people, including bucket for fireworks)
Venue: Outside of villa entrance, kids’ playground
Season: Summer (June to September)
Booking: Advance booking required. Please apply from the message)
*For safety reasons, bringing your own fireworks is prohibited.