Check-in & Check-out

What time can I check-in?

Check-in 15:00 / Check-out 12:00.

You may check-in any time after 15:00, as we are front-less villas. Dinner can be started before 21:00. Please make a call from in-room phone for dinner set-up upon arrival.

How to check-in

Non-face-to-face self-check-in style.
1.After making a reservation, email regarding advance check-in procedures will be sent to your registered email address 5 days before your stay. After that, you receive another email in 2 days before your stay. Please make a note of the [room number], [key number] for entering the room, and [reservation code] written in the email.
2.On the day of your arrival, when you reach at the villa where you will be staying, unlock the smart lock at the entrance with the [key number] sent to you in the second email and enter the room.
3.After entering the room, please enter the [reservation code] to the check-in tablet near the entrance and complete self-check-in.

How to check-out

You can check out by yourself using the same tablet you used for check-in.

Any car parking space available?

There is an outdoor parking space next to each guest villa. (For 2 cars)
If you are coming with more than 3 cars, please use the Spa & Dining parking lot.

Are there any charging stations for electric vehicles (EVs)?

Each guest villa has one charging station (200V outlet, not quick charging). Please kindly bring your charging cable for use. You can also search nearby charging station informationhere.

Do you have pick-up service?

We do not have pick-up service. If you are coming by public transportation, please take a taxi from Karuizawa Station.

Approx. 40 minutes Meter fare: Approx. 12,000 yen one way (varies depending on road conditions)
For taxi bookings and inquiries, please call Karuizawa Kanko Taxi (0267-45-5408)

Guest Room

Mt. Asama can be seen from the villas?

You can see magnificent Mt. Asama from all villa.

Is there a bathtub in the room?

All villa rooms have a bathtub (boiling water) with a spectacular view of Mt. Asama. Besides, each Polaris Villa has a jet bath. Please enjoy Asama natural pure water with full of minerals.

Is Wi-fi available?

Wifi is available whole villa area and throughout the facility (complimentary for villa guests).

Can I play hand-held fireworks?

If you will book us in advance, we can prepare to your room for you. We have prepared a set of firework sheets and buckets in sizes for 3 to 4 people. (2,000 yen, tax in.) Please be noted bringing in your own fireworks is not permitted for safety reasons. Please use outside of the guest villa entrance or at the kids' playground.


What kind of menu do you offer for dinner?

A BBQ is available during the summer (April to October). You can enjoy BBQ on the wooden deck of the guest room villa. All ingredients and settings such as branded meat and carefully selected freshest vegetables are prepared, so no preparation required.
*In the winter (November to March), you can enjoy hot pot dishes such as shabu-shabu in your guest room villa. 〈Advance reservation〉

How do I book meals?

Please select a meal package when making a reservation on the reservation page.
*We do not take additions or cancellations of meals in the package.

Can I bring in drinks and foods from outside into the villas?

Except for meals for small children and dogs, please refrain from bringing in your own drinks and foods from outside for hygienic reasons. Enjoy complimentary drinks in your guest room villa or in the lounge.


Do you have a room where we can stay with our dogs?

In the guest room villa, you can stay with your dogs. Multiple dogs are allowed (up to 3 dogs per villa, large dogs more than 20kg are limited to Polaris Villa and up to 1 dog per villa. Facility usage fee of 4,000 yen per dog, tax in.) Please let us know when making a reservation on the reservation page.

Do you have any amenities for pets?

Cages, towels, food bowls, water bowls, toilets, deodorant bags for toilets, rollers, etc are prepared. In addition, a designer dog house is installed in the DOG Suite Villa, which is limited to one Polaris Villa.

Are there any rules for staying with pets?

Please use a leash in facilities other than guest room villas. Please read through our pet policies before your stay with dogs.

Infants and Toddlers

Do you have any baby amenities?

Baby chairs, Deodorant disposal bags for baby diaper are available.
We do not have a baby cot, but babies can sleep together with parents in a Japanese-style futon in Japanese tatami room.

Do you have chairs for small children in the restaurant?

Yes, please contact us as the number of baby chair is limited.

Do you have meals for small children?

For breakfast, a Western-style kids box for toddlers is available. Please make a request when making a reservation.


How do I make a reservation?

Reservations can be made online only. There is no booking through phone calls or emails. If you need to change the number of people at the timing of the cancellation fee applied, please contact us by e-mail.

How much is the room rate?

Varies by seasonal, packages, and villa type. Please see the reservation webpage for details.

How many guests can stay?

There are three types of rooms: 4, 6 and 8 guests. Click here for details

Is there an accommodation fee for children?

There is a special rate for infants and toddlers. Please check the reservation webpage for details.
*Infants and toddlers under the age of 3 are free of charge if no bedding and no meals requested. Up to 3 infants and toddlers are allowed in the Polaris villa, and up to 2 toddlers in the Sirius/Cassiopeia villa. It is not included in the above maximum number of guests per villa.

I want to cancel my reservation

All cancellations can be made on the booking webpage. If you want to modify your reservation, such as the Reservation Date or Number of Guests, please cancel your reservation online and make a new reservation again. Please note that we do not accept any cancellations or changes of the schedule or Number of Guests over the phone. If you need to change the Number of Guests at the timing of the cancellation fee applies, please contact us by e-mail.