The restaurant “Tenku Dining” serves lunch with the most delectable seasonal dishes, taste the highland freshest local ingredients around Kita-Karuizawa. The Guest Lounge is exclusively for villa guests with aromatic coffee and teas.

Tenku Dining

Enjoy pizza, pasta and special BBQ lunch with a panoramic view of Mt. Asama in the dog-friendly terrace.
*Temporary opens lunch hour only

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Tenku Dining LUNCH



During the summer (April to October), you can enjoy selected wine and Matsusaka beef, fresh seafood, and local highland vegetable BBQ in your villa.
In winter (November to March), we offer hot pot dishes made with selected ingredients, such as Shabu-Shabu with specially A5 Matsusaka beef and Japanese spiny lobster hot pot.
Enjoy a truly unforgettable moment with your family, loved ones and friends in an exclusively private dining.

Dinner1 Dinner2 Dinner3

※Dinner reservation is required in advance.

Dinner is served in your villa.


Freshly harvested highland vegetables from Tsumagoi and bread made with natural yeast from a bakery in Gunma, as well as carefully selected meat and fish from all over the country, are healthy for your body and mind. Japanese breakfast or Western breakfast are served in the guest room villa.

ご朝食 ご朝食

Breakfast reservation is required in advance.

Breakfast is served in your villa. Dine in luxury at your own time and pace.
Self-cooking/heating is required for breakfast (i.e baking cage-free egg at your own preferred style).


You can enjoy Italian dishes such as pizza and pasta made with local ingredients, and BBQ with Japanese Matsusaka beef at the terrace.
*Wall-in Guests are also welcomed for lunch dining.

Opening Hours

Lunch 11:00-15:00 (LO 14:30)

TUE & WED (except public holidays)


Please take note we do not take reservations except for BBQ lunch.

Make a BBQ Lunch Reservation

We are a pet friendly restaurant (terrace only).

Please take note that we only accept credit card and electronic payment. We do not accept cash, thank you.


Exclusively for villa guests, where you can spend serene time with music, authentic coffee and books including Japanese automobile magazine "CAR GRAPHIC".
Coffee and tea, local fruit juices are complimentary. Please feel free to visit during your stay.


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